Alice Bonnot (she/her) is an independent art curator, sustainability consultant, writer and lecturer working at the intersection of art and ecology. She specialises in the development of environmentally sustainable art and curatorial practices with a drive towards eco solutions.

Alice is the founding director of villa villa, a climate-conscious and regenerative arts programme and consultancy dedicated to supporting cultural practitioners and organisations committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet.

As a curator, Alice focuses on developing environmentally respectful, low-carbon contemporary art exhibitions that address socio-political and environmental issues, as well as broader concerns relating to society. Her current research deals with subjects such as deep ecology, intersectional environmentalism and ecofeminisms. She teaches the course ‘Curating an ecologically sensitive exhibition’ and is regularly invited to speak about art and ecology.

Alice works as an environmental sustainability specialist at Julie’s Bicycle where she helps visual arts organisations, cultural institutions and museums understand their environmental impacts and implement climate actions. Previously, she worked as an environmental sustainability consultant (Ki Coach) at Ki Culture.

Her writing appears regularly in art publications, including Umbigo Magazine, for which she writes as a recurring contributor. Her curatorial work has been featured online in Art Viewer, WallPaper and ArtPiq, and in print publications JAWS: Journal of Arts Writing by Students and Friends of the Artists.

Alice also works as an Artlogic specialist since 2018 providing support to international galleries, collectors and artists in inventory, sales, website and marketing management systems. She acts as a valuable resource, ensuring that clients maximise their use of Artlogic solutions.

Alice is the founding director of the Zone d’Utopie Temporaire (Z.U.T.) residency programme (2014-2018), a nomadic annual residency addressing the notion of Utopia as a vehicle for artistic and critical comment, and the co-founding director of Picnic (2018-2020), an exhibition space occupying a long vitrine in the Aylesham Centre in Peckham, London.

She was awarded the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts funding for the curation of Hyper Mesh at Assembly Point (2019) and FRAME Contemporary Art Finland funding for her research visit in Helsinki (2018). She is a member of the Green Art Lab Alliance, the Future Bank Materials working group and the Ki Culture professional network.

Alice holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Paris-Dauphine and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Dublin City University.  She lives and works in London.

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Latest exhibition (2022–2023):

Chasseurs de Tempêtes (Storm Hunters) with artists Paulo Arraiano, Rebecca Brueder, Josèfa Ntjam and Pedro Valdez Cardoso. Presented at CAC Passerelle, France, 15 October 2022 – 14 January 2023 and at Porta 33, Madeira, 19 March 2022 – 23 July 2022.

Adopting the lens of the ocean as a living entity, the exhibition seeked to explore different ways of engaging with the oceans and with aquatic intelligence by embodying oceanic feeling and thinking.

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