Le corps comme activateur d'art numérique
— Paris

Cléophée Moser, 2015
As the curator of Les Jeudis Arty closing exhibition, Alice Bonnot gathered twenty-five digital artists and film-makers for the exhibition Le corps comme activateur d'art numérique at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris. It included ten digital installations (film, vjing, video mapping, sound installation etc.) awakened throughout the night by numerous performances and happenings mixing dance, music and videos. It created an immersive and participatory exhibition asking questions such as: How can the body sublimate digital? What new meaning this fusion of body and machine does it bring?

Le Carreau du Temple
— October 2015

Ethan Assouline
Johann Baron Lanteigne
Slo Bo
Clément Blatter
Vincent Palumbo
Bea Bonafini
Cecilia Granara
Celine Drouin
Sébastien Hamideche
Elise Ltr
Ashley Molco Castelló
Eliya, Materjal, Lucie et Tom Lemann
Render Fruit
Cléophée Moser
Sam Neurohack
SKW / La Fumée
Chemsedine Herriche
Arthur Hoffner

Alice Bonnot

Thibaut Langenais


Exhibition views, Le Carreau du Temple, 2015

Alice Bonnot  〰️ ➰
Independent Curator