Art Consultant — Database Management & Website Design

Alice Bonnot works as an Artlogic Specialist since 2018.

Fully qualified with the Artlogic system, Alice has managed the onboarding process of a large number of Artlogic clients, including international galleries, art collectors, established artists and independent creative studios.

Alice has extensive experience importing large intricate databases into Artlogic and designing beautifully curated websites. She acts as a valuable resource, ensuring that clients maximise their use of Artlogic solutions.

Previously she worked as gallery director and exhibition manager in Paris, London and Lisbon, where she played an essential role in helping galleries create their own information management systems.

Alice is currently working on the launch of a bespoke digital marketing agency for Artlogic clients to help them with managing their online presence, including branding, SEO, social media, web design, CRM and inventory management.

Services include: art advisory, collection management, art curation, data migration, database and inventory management,  graphic design, website design, SEO and data analytics, AI, communication strategy, social media, mailings and logistical services.

Further services available on request.

Selected clients:
Vigo Gallery, London
Jerwood, London
MEEM Gallery, Dubai
Kugel Gallery, Paris
Pierre Yovanovitch, Paris
Bernar Venet, Paris
La Patinoire Royale, Brussels
Modesti Gallery, Brussels
Sulger-Buel Gallery, London
Christopher Lebrun, London
Markowicz Fine Art, Miami
Jonathan Carver Moore, San Francisco 
Hadadi Fine Art, San Francisco

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