ZUT Edition II
— London

Thomas Langley and fleuryfontaine, 2016

Collectively, this residency examined the way in which we transform our surroundings to reflect the displacement of our dreams. Through the artwork produced by nine international and multidisciplinary artists, ‘utopia’ provokes the social imagination by resonating with the themes of hope and desire. Whilst many works were created in the given time period, each addresses utopia differently, and all are constituted through social engagement.

Accompanying the artists, theorists Lowri Evans and Hannah Corrie, facilitated discussions and debates to feed the artists’ creative process. The group also worked with art historian and critic Julia Ramirez Blanco who presented her research on ‘The Utopian Turn: the relationship between contemporary art and utopia’.

Arguably, the core format of the Z.U.T. residency programme is itself Utopian. Following the continuing success of those first two editions, who knows, perhaps Temporary Utopian Zones can take shape anywhere?

The Koppel Project Hive
— August 2016

Julia Dreiski
Maxence Hamard
Thomas Langley
Faustine Levin
Orly Orbach
Kurt Krapperz
Rafal Zajko

Hannah Corrie
Lowri Evans

Alice Bonnot


Exhibition views, The Koppel Project Hive, 2016

Alice Bonnot  〰️ ➰
Independent Curator